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Gloria’s Personal Information

Love of My Life
Dad(Deceased), Mom, Brothers and Sisters
Karisma and Tyler (Children)

Birth Place
Rocky Mount, North Carolina

High School Teacher
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sport’s Nutritionist

Getting Started
It all started in college when I began dating a football player at the University. Our favorite past time was working out at the gym. In the beginning, it was really fun having something in common with him, but after watching him compete in his powerlifting competitions, I started getting ideas of my own!!! I recognized that I was as strong as or stronger than most of the females I saw in the meets. It was then that I began my training regimen a little different. This time I was training for serious competition. I was hooked!! Because of my love for the sport, I now promote Bench Press meets. I have been promoting “The Best on the Bench Championships” since 1997. Usually I have two meets a year.

I have set and broken World, National, Regional and State records (148 weight class) in numerous federations (even my records). After years of competing as a powerlifter, I met Van Anthony IFBB Pro and “Chill Will” National Level BB.  They suggested I now try something with a little twist to it.  Of course it was BODYBUILDING! I was hooked once again.

After receiving my Pro Card in 2007, I am now a Promoter for both Sports: Best on the Bench Championships,
GK Classic Championships and The Mega Muscle Expo

For more info on past and upcoming events visit: or eMail: ncmegamuscle@gmail .com

Gloria Knight-McNeil, Woman of P.O.W.E.R
MegaMuscle Expo, GK Classic and Best on the Bench Promoter

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